Cognitive Dissonance and The Army

I’ve been having some cognitive dissonance as of late, comrades. It stems, I think, from my upbringing.

Its source is the fact that I’ve always been hugely attracted to military history and military strategy, so much so that I find myself fantasising about being a military general leading a fleet of ground troops into battle. This sharply contrasts with my anti-imperialistic views, and it’s caused me some distress over the last few days.

The trouble with this is that I can’t simply justify it by addition or modification of the cognition. I can’t change the thought or my views, and I’m sure as hell not gonna ignore it. Since those are the four main ways people resolve cognitive dissonance, I’m just sorta… stuck… with this lack of internal consistency. I try to comfort myself by telling myself that it’s okay for my ideology to not be 100% pure, but that’s a weak attempt at resolving the dissonance and the fact that I’m actually trying to justify it makes me feel worse.

I hope I’ll feel better soon, comrades, but somehow I doubt it.



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