Hi! Call me Phantom. I made this blog as a way to express my views and thoughts on communism and leftism as I’m gradually radicalised. I think that this will be quite an important and exciting turning point in my life, so I wanted to somehow document it.

I’m 18, agender (male-presenting due to my living circumstances but I’d love to be androgynous), panromantic and asexual. I come from a lower-middle class family, and a Church of England primary school – which, amusingly, turned me away from faith instead of indoctrinating me into it. Although I call myself an atheist, I’m still clinging to the hope that I’ll reincarnate after death – one lifetime is not enough to do everything I’d like to do.

As for the specific school of thought I prescribe to within leftism, I’d say I’m more of a Marxist-Leninist than an anarcho-communist, just because MLs have far more theory and evidence of some success behind them than ancoms. I haven’t read much of that theory however, and I’d love to do so although my depression makes it pretty difficult to absorb and internalise dense texts unless I read them like twenty times over. That really sucks, because I love reading and used to do it all the time before midway through secondary school when all of these mental problems began.

I’m more of an observer than an active participant in most conversations. It’s why I’ve called myself Phantom on this blog – I don’t really actively engage with people unless I have to or I deeply disagree with their worldview, online and in real life. I never really have much to say. Although it might seem that making this blog contradicts that, I don’t think it does because I’m still not actively engaging with people. If people are to comment on the articles I write, then they’re engaging with me but I’m not necessarily engaging with them, if that makes sense.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the content I write. If you do, then please do recommend the blog to your comrades, the extra traffic would be awesome. Thanks for reading!